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RSR Formula 3. Assetto Corsa Mod

Lap Time Improvement History - Adamskee

This page shows the lap time improvement of a driver on a specific combo.
Driver: Adamskee
Car: ks_maserati_mc12_gt1

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Laptime Improvement Split1 Split2 Split3 Date Position Session
1:18.173 First lap 0:28.327 0:33.457 0:16.389 2017.05.19. 23:12 1 practice
1:09.663 - 0:08.510 0:27.407 0:25.777 0:16.479 2017.05.19. 23:14 1 practice
1:08.655 - 0:01.008 0:27.124 0:25.547 0:15.984 2017.05.19. 23:17 1 practice