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RSR Formula 3. Assetto Corsa Mod


Driver Downloaded Laptime Note Upload date Download
934 x - 2017.08.19. 12:23 Download
4344 x - 2019.05.05. 15:13 Download
2061 x 1:42.250 Temp 24 34 ac 1.3.2 2017.05.06. 17:02 Download
4045 x 1:43.441 2014.04.21. 12:12 Download
United Kingdom
1705 x 1:44.001 2017.08.28. 15:50 Download
499 x 1:44.250 Temp 24 34 ac 1.3.2 2017.05.06. 17:10 Download
1401 x 1:45.168 2014.06.20. 14:57 Download
955 x 1:47.344 Balanced setup imo not too much wing and still easy to drive. Most ppl use minimum diff coast but I like it max so that can be atleast changed. With lower wing even faster but becomes kind of wobly to drive. 6th gear is kind of short but if made longer I 2015.12.06. 01:37 Download