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We've decided to try stretch our service for one more year, while waiting for ACC, in case we will get some support from our community.

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RSR Formula 3. Assetto Corsa Mod


Driver Downloaded Laptime Note Upload date Download
2407 x 1:26.646 2019.05.05. 15:06 Download
Planet Earth
2217 x 1:27.013 World Record - Youtube Video 2016.04.29. 00:10 Download
1654 x 1:28.105 TeamSpeak vip clan--> 2014.05.01. 04:13 Download
Planet Earth
2251 x 1:29.882 A regular guy can beat the record with this setup ! there is a chance that the car bottoms out,but it's very small ! 2014.03.11. 13:26 Download
932 x 1:29.987 W.I.P. 2014.03.11. 17:36 Download
695 x 1:31.955 2014.04.02. 21:04 Download
598 x 1:41.322 2014.04.02. 19:36 Download
567 x 8:56:31.955 2014.04.02. 21:02 Download