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We've decided to try stretch our service for one more year, while waiting for ACC, in case we will get some support from our community.

Helping us is very simple: Click on the Donate button below. This will help a lot to paying our running costs. More details here.

Thanks to all of you for your support

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RSR Formula 3. Assetto Corsa Mod

Steam Friends

Driver steamId
Marvin Benjamin 76561197971279734


Driver steamId
Steffen Lauge Sørensen 76561198011039461
Kla 76561197987370083
Michael Ludman 76561197970389918
Akis Kevrekidis 76561198060253096
Olive Doseur 76561197972453504
Wealthysoup 76561197972353057
Marty 76561198000742638
Niels Andreasen 76561197978591687
Jason Dunnington 76561198128118768
Jok3sta 76561198073889999
iVG 76561198071323345
Bob 76561197990451246
Berserker223 76561198015987573
Scott Miller 76561198064461057
Sax OHare 76561198035974180
Dalibor Slivecko 76561198006211570
Gary Corby 76561198035202077
Pedro Trindade 76561198051688695
Cyclozeb 76561197994633702
8tenths 76561198139633413
Denis Emelianov 76561198042067292
Curunir 76561197971315531
Vladimir Evseev 76561198278341259
Manuel L. B. 76561198030727379