RSR Formula 3

A racing car, created with passion


"Fast, but not too much, easy to drive, difficult to master. "

Realistic physics
Realistic physics, based entirely on real life data, created in cooperation with Real Teams, verified with telemetry and driver feedbacks. Same laser scanned track, same car, same setup, same driver.
Scratch made 3d Model
Car modeled with great attention to detail, with moving parts, animated suspension, damage model, and working steering wheel display with realtime information
Advanced Features
Fully spec'd aerodynamics, Suspension based on measurements on the real car, Tire wear tuned with the help of the driver, tyre grip from official tyre manufacturer data and much more


Do not modify our car or use any of its part (physics/3D/textures) without permission. We're open for discussions for any customization for specific purposes.
It's strictly prohibited to use our mod in simulation centers or shows, or any paid event/championship without our permission. 

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A pleasure to drive

It's excellent, convincing and a pleasure to drive. Thank you!

Billy Pilgrim


This mod is incredible. Never in a sim have the brakes been this responsive. The sweet spot just before lockup is tiny, yet somehow it is easy to find. The steering is like this too. The car itself has tons of grip which makes it easy to drive, yet challenging to get 100% out of it. It also responds nicely to setup changes. If you overdrive the tires you will pay. If you are nice to them you will be rewarded. All Hail RSR!

Richard Watson

Impressive masterpiece

Impressive masterpiece. The sound is the most stunning thing I ever heard in a mod. Grats!


Best open wheel car in AC

Congratulations to all the team on this release! Best open wheel car in AC!

Chris Stacey

good old feeling or my real car

Good job, yesterday i tested it and i have a good old feeling when i run with the F3 model F306

Real F3 Driver

as good as it gets

This is as good as it gets and one can feel while driving that your countless research and refinement has payed out. Thank you!!!!

Sebastian Wolff


Tnx for all your dedication and your hard work in this project. The its excellent, u can see the experience of this mod crew with this realese!!



Hi guys , you made a masterpiece with this car , drive it is a fantastic feeling ....... congratulations and cheers to the whole team , thanks for sharing ( We hope soon to be able to see some other your masterpiece ) !


instant favourite

What an excellent car! Perfect fit to AC roster and an instant favourite.


brilliant mod

Such a brilliant mod, favourite by a long shot.


Top quality

Top quality. Great Job!


the more I drive it, the more enjoyable it gets

Good Job RSR...the more I drive it, the more enjoyable it gets...great car from a long time nk/kunos/ac mod team!!!


awesome mod

Thanks for that awesome mod!! Fantastic job guys!!


really like force feedback

Not sure what you've done with the force feedback but I really really like it! Car model looks great as well.


fantastic car

Thank you Team RSR for your stunning Dallara F3 mod! It is a real pleasure to drive this fantastic car!


Utterly brilliant

Utterly brilliant, and more than worth the wait. Woke up, found released F3 & skinpack. Downloaded, then went off to make a cuppa. Only just tried an initial lap or 2, but it`s more than enough to smell the quality. Top job all round by all involved 🙂



Fantastic model, fantastic sound, fantastic skins, fantastic car handling!! I love it.:) Thanks for your work!


feels so real

this is a superb mod. FFB is amazing, sound is great and driving feels so real. Congrats to the team, outstanding work.


top notch

Amazing job by RSR!!!! Car is a blast to drive and the model is top notch. RSR=Quality and this is their best release yet!

Michael Hornbuckle

new benchmark

WOW!!!...this is truly one of the best mods ever to be clean, so good...a new benchmark in these type of cars...THANK YOU!!


best engineered and realistic mods

This has to be one of the best engineered and realistic mods i've ever seen! It's epic!


best F3 experience available

This is the best F3 experience available at the moment.

Richard Hessels


Do you like our concept and you want to simulate your own car with the same level of detail?

We can help you out. Our car has been a great training tool for the drivers of the team we worked with, and very helpful for the engineers to verify setup decision before going on track.